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Discipleship and Everyday Demands

Focusing on the Savior helps us make changes that will balance our lives.

Repent, share the gospel, read the scriptures, pray, keep the commandments…

The more I think about everything on my spiritual to-do list, the more overwhelmed and hopeless I feel. And that’s not including my daily tasks as a student and wife! How can I possibly be a good disciple of Christ when there are so many things demanding my time and energy?

"The Savior is the motivating power behind all that we do." By Dieter F. Uchtdorf


Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf teaches several principles about how to balance these different (and important) demands in his April 2022 general conference address, “Our Heartfelt All.” See three of these principles below:

  1. “The Savior is the motivating power behind all that we do.” As we focus on the Savior, he’ll provide us with the empathy to serve others, the strength to meet each day’s demands, and the capacity to do everything in between. When we realize the Savior is our motivating power, we see our spiritual to-dos less as things we have to do and more as actions that help us focus on Christ and receive his strength. 
  2. “The value of the donation was measured…by the effect it had on the heart of the donor.” Instead of thinking of our never-ending to-do lists, we can consider these questions: Is this bringing me closer to God, helping me feel love for my brothers and sisters, enabling me to feel God’s love, or bringing the Spirit into my life? By considering these questions, we can simplify our lives and prioritize what matters most. 
  3. Achieving balance “requires letting some things go and letting other things grow.” God probably won’t ask us to make grand sacrifices like the prophets of old, but it’s unrealistic to think that we’ll never have to change or give anything up for God. What small and simple changes can we make daily? For example, we might spend less time on social media and read the scriptures instead, or we might be more honest in our prayers. Whatever these changes are, God will honor our efforts.  

As we apply these principles, Elder Uchtdorf promises that “everything else [will begin] to align.” As I have done this, my long to-do lists have become shorter and less overwhelming. My connection to God has grown, and I increasingly feel the Savior’s support. Though I’m not perfect, I have grown.

And the same can be true for you.

Learn more principles to help you balance discipleship with everyday demands by reading Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf’s talk “Our Heartfelt All.”

Source: ChurchofJesusChrist.org

—Lenae Rubey, Latter-day Saint Insights


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