Finding Our Place in the Restoration

The Restoration isn’t over. The miraculous translation of the Book of Mormon is only the start of our role in the Restoration.

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We’ve been told that the Restoration is an ongoing process. But what does that mean for us? Where is our place? The early Restoration contained countless miracles, but today it may be hard for us to connect to this history. But in his address “The Ongoing Restoration,” Elder Gary E. Stevenson shows us that we can still learn from the miracles and revelations of the early Restoration and can find our place in the Restoration through the Book of Mormon.

The months spent translating the Book of Mormon contained countless miracles. Through the power of God, Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery, respectively 23 and 22 years old at the time, accomplished something unprecedented. But Elder Stevenson explains that the real miracle of the Book of Mormon isn’t how it was translated. The miracle he hopes we will all take part in is that the book continues to change lives today. “The Book of Mormon is the engine that powers conversion,” he says. It’s more accessible now, allowing it to reach more people than ever. How then can we not make the Book of Mormon a more important part of our lives? 

We often forget just how unique a gift the Book of Mormon is. To help me remember how special it is, I often like to think about what it was like for Joseph when he first read these words. This was the fullness of the gospel that had been gone from the earth for millennia. When we really appreciate the truth and miracle of the Book of Mormon, we will want to apply its teachings to our lives and share it with others.

Read more Elder Gary E. Stevenson’s full keynote address “The Ongoing Restoration” from BYU’s Education Week to learn more about your place in the Restoration.

Source: BYU Speeches

—Madeline Jones, Latter-day Saint Insights


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