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A Two-Step Plan to Share the Gospel

We can follow the Savior’s example and commandment by talking about the gospel and inviting others to act in faith.

"That which ye have seen me do even that shall ye do." -3 Nephi 27:21

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Sharing the gospel is hard, especially in today’s society. Everywhere we turn, it seems that religion is under attack. How can we share our testimonies and our love of the gospel when so many people will fight against it?

In his article “Still in Force Today,” Elder Walter F. González shows us two things Jesus Christ did to share the gospel with others—and he encourages us to follow the Savior’s example:

  1. Christ talked about the gospel. This step may seem overly simplistic, but it is surprisingly effective. Elder González tells us of Christ’s experience with the woman at the well. All Christ had to do to share the gospel in that instance was start a meaningful conversation. Sharing gospel truths that you feel strongly about can go a long way to opening people’s hearts.
  2. Christ invited people to act on the truths he taught. Many of Christ’s interactions with people included an invitation to act on the truths he taught. With the Savior’s help, we can talk to others about how living the gospel has blessed us, and we can invite them to live it too. As others accept our invitations, their faith will grow.

Of course, those we share the gospel with may choose to reject it. This rejection is not a sign that we have failed—even the Savior faced rejection. While we may feel sad over our rejected invitations, we can also rejoice in those who exercise their faith and act on the principles of the gospel. As we do so, we move one step closer on our journey to follow Jesus Christ.

Read Elder Walter F. González’s thoughts in his Ensign article “Still in Force Today.”


—Joshua Felix, Mormon Insights

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  1. What a great, simple formula! I’ve read other member missionary programs that are full of lots of options and steps to share the gospel with friends– but this one is so simple and clear. I love it because it focuses on what missionary work is about: inviting people to come to Christ.

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