How to Start Food Storage on a Budget

How can young adults make room in their budgets and homes for food storage?

"If ye are prepared ye shall not fear." —Doctrine and Covenants 38:30

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As a young adult, it can be intimidating to start a food storage plan. The concept is challenging, but understanding why we need food storage can motivate us to do the best we can with what we have. The importance of having food storage is explained by President Ezra Taft Benson in his general conference talk “Prepare Ye.” He specifically counsels us to live within our means and to spend some of our extra money on food storage so that we’re prepared for famines, personal financial crises, and any other circumstances in which we may need food already on hand. Even if we don’t have much money or storage space for extra food, here are some ways we can start gathering little by little:

  1. Start small. Buy a few extra cans of food once a month or whenever you go to the grocery store. Look for sales on discounted canned or boxed goods of foods that you like.
  2. Stay organized. Put your food storage in a specific place, and write the purchase date on top of each item. Find spaces that can accommodate food storage, such as under a bed, on closet shelves, or on top of kitchen cabinets.
  3. Let others help you. Tell others about your food storage goals. Often, family, friends, and ward members can assist by providing resources or donating their extra food.

For more on the importance of food storage, read President Ezra Taft Benson’s full talk: “Prepare Ye.” 

Source: LDS General Conference

—Cat Watson, Mormon Insights

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  1. Love this! Food storage can be so overwhelming! This is a good reminder that this is a commandment from God. I truly believe that having food storage will help us to save money each month and will help us to be prepared in times of disaster. Following God’s commandments will enable us to better serve others.

  2. Awesome perspective

  3. This is a great reminder! I’ve been wanting to start in on food storage for a while, but it feels like such a big project. I like these simple steps that break it down a bit.

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