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A Formula for Healing

Healing is possible for all people and all problems through courage, action, and the Savior’s grace.

In a world of ever-increasing suffering, many of us find ourselves searching for relief. Some feel marginalized as we struggle to overcome challenges that may be considered uncommon, extreme, or even taboo. For example, one young woman secretly wrestled to beat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and close friends saw only glimpses of the painful process she underwent to heal her psychological and emotional wounds.

Jonathan G. Sandberg, a professor in the BYU School of Family Life, gives us a formula: Healing = Courage + Action + Grace. When we apply true principles, healing is possible for all people and all problems. However, healing is change, and change rarely comes without pain.

We often ignore problems because we are afraid of them. But however common or uncommon our challenges are, healing cannot come unless we have the courage to face them. Once we find courage, we need to act to correct the problem—even when the process is longer and harder than expected.

And when our courage seems to fail and our strength to act is gone, we can feel peace knowing that the grace of Jesus Christ will make up for the rest.

Healing is a difficult process, but we grow stronger and more secure despite and because of the difficulty. No matter our circumstances, we will find healing and peace if we have the courage to face our trials, commit to change, and let the Savior’s grace make up for what we cannot do.

Read Jonathan G. Sandberg’s full article, “Healing = Courage + Action + Grace.”

Source: BYU Speeches

—Sarah Perkins, Mormon Insights

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  1. this is exactly what i needed today. thank you for sharing!

  2. This is a fantastic message. It can be hard to acknowledge some of the problems we’re facing sometimes, especially if we suspect we’re just imagining them or if we think they’ll go away on their own, but it really does work out for the best to face them.

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