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From the Mouths of Babes

We can learn a lot from children, including how easy it is to share the gospel with our friends.  

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Stories of the funny things kids blurt out travel far and wide and sometimes become some of the best family memories. However, there are also moments when children say insightful things that make adults think more deeply about their own lives and values. These moments can be especially powerful when children share their inner thoughts and beliefs.

In the United Kingdom and Ireland, has created a collection of videos called “If I Can Do It, So Can You.” These videos show how kids from all over the world are sharing the gospel with their friends without feeling afraid of disapproval.

The common theme of these videos is that Heavenly Father wants us to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with everyone. For example, Thomas, one of the participants in the videos, says, “Everybody on earth is your family, just we got split up from each other.”

The children also address the fear that many people have about sharing their beliefs. Ariadna says, “I tell them that it’s OK, that Christ is beside them. I have faith that I won’t be mocked.”

These inspiring stories can show us, as adults, how to have the heart of a child. If children are brave enough to share their beliefs and invite their friends to participate in church activities, we can be brave too. We can start the conversation and change the lives of others by helping them come to a realization of the gospel. In the process, we can become a catalyst that helps our brothers and sisters on their journey toward eternity.

Watch videos from”If I Can Do It, So Can You.”

—Kaylee Brown, Mormon Insights

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  1. “I tell them that it’s OK, that Christ is beside them.” YES! PLease! The confidence is inspiring.

  2. These are wonderful stories! I really like that one quote you shared from Thomas. It’s incredible how much easier it is to reach out to others when you see them as brothers and sisters instead of as strangers.

  3. WOW, I’ve been in situations when I wanted to say something but was so afraid. I needed the courage these kids have.

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