Help and Healing: The Addiction Recovery Program

Are you struggling with an addiction? Is someone you love? The Church offers free audio recordings of Addiction Recovery meetings to help you find hope and healing.

Addiction takes many forms. You can become addicted to alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, gambling, sex, Internet surfing, shopping, video gaming, work, plastic surgery, food restriction, binge eating, or risky behavior, to name just a few. Any activity or substance used to excess can become an addiction.

Whitworth, ARP

The Church has released recordings of Addiction Recovery Program meetings to allow “individuals who are isolated from recovery groups” to participate in these meetings. Potential participants who are hesitant to attend meetings can ease their fears by listening to these recordings.

The Addiction Recovery Program (ARP) takes a gospel-centered approach to the 12-Step Program. Each of the participants featured in the audio recordings follow the steps and report to the group at their meetings. Group members are real people who openly bring their personal challenges into the discussion. Each episode discusses a new step: honesty, hope, trust in God, truth, confession, change of heart, humility, willingness to ask forgiveness, restitution and reconciliation, daily accountability, personal revelation, and service.

One of the most challenging obstacles to recovery is isolation. People with addictions often feel alone in their struggles. Meeting in a group centered on the transforming power of the Savior’s Atonement can be a powerful step toward hope and healing. Elder M. Russell Ballard gave a promise to people struggling with addiction who actively seek the Savior’s help: “Your body, mind, and spirit can be transformed, cleansed, and made whole and you will be freed.”

Listen to meetings framed by the Addiction Recovery Program.

Source: Mormon Channel
—Nicole Whitworth, Mormon Insights

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