How Are Women Connected to the Priesthood?

When men and women understand how women are connected to the priesthood, they will find peace while accomplishing their role in God’s plan.

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In the past, women have not been treated equally, and even today they are still fighting for equality. Some people question whether The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints treats women with the respect they deserve, especially concerning the priesthood. An article in the Ensign, “Connecting Daughters of God with His Priesthood Power,” discusses three ways in which women and men can better understand women’s important connection to God’s priesthood power.

  1. Understand the doctrine behind women’s connection to the priesthood. God uses the priesthood to accomplish his great work of salvation (Moses 1:39). All women have a role in accomplishing God’s work and have access to the power of the priesthood through callings, through the temple endowment, and through their role as presiders in their homes.
  2. Avoid the stumbling blocks that keep women and men from recognizing women’s connection to priesthood power. Men are not the priesthood; they are holders of the priesthood. We should not refer to men as “the priesthood” because both men and women are blessed by and operate in the Church using the priesthood. It is equally important for both women and men to study the priesthood to understand their connection to it. We should not limit women based on traditions or false opinions: women can lead, teach, and inspire.
  3. Act and study. Be aware of current teachings regarding women and the priesthood. Help everyone understand the role that women have in helping God in his work of salvation. Listen to the counsel of male and female leaders of the church. In stake, ward, and other councils, women should have an equal role in the discussion.

When women and men both understand women’s connection to the priesthood, all will be able to serve without limitations and find joy in their service.

For more insights and details on this topic, read the full article by Barbara Morgan Gardner.


—Savanna Stone, Mormon Insights


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