3 Concrete Ways to Apply Jesus Christ’s Atonement

For the times when life seems hopeless, here are three concrete ways to apply the Atonement of Jesus Christ.

When discussing how to overcome trials in Sunday School, I frequently hear the comment, “Just apply the Atonement.” But when a crisis hits, I often wonder, “How do I apply the Atonement?” I recently discovered that the word apply means “to bring into action.” So rather than thinking abstractly about how to apply the Atonement, it might be easier to think about how to bring it into action.

"The Holy Ghost blesses us with His sanctifying power so that we can always retain a remission of our sins, week in and week out." --Dale G. Renlund

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In his talk “Jesus Christ Is the Treasure,” Elder Dale G. Renlund gives us three concrete ways to look to Jesus Christ and bring his Atonement into action.

  • Repent daily. Elder Renlund says, “Sometimes we undervalue how great this offered blessing [of daily repentance] is.” We can cry to God with all of the complicated emotions that come with our trials and temptations. If we come as we are and show that we want to change, Jesus Christ can work in us and change our hearts. Through our daily repentance, Christ improves our relationships, solidifies our habits, tempers our pride, and increases our faith.
  • Prepare to partake of the sacrament. Renewing our covenants weekly is one of the best ways to maintain a connection with Jesus Christ. This allows us to keep the Spirit with us as we continue through the rest of our week. Elder Renlund teaches, “The Holy Ghost blesses us with His sanctifying power so that we can always retain a remission of our sins, week in and week out.”
  • Attend the temple frequently. Elder Renlund says that “[attending the temple] deepens our relationship with God.” Temple attendance reminds us of our covenants and the unfathomable blessings associated with them. The temple is a literal representation of Christ’s twofold victory: the work for deceased persons represents his victory over death, and the living patrons represent his victory over sin as they continually return to his holy house and try to become more like him. Performing ordinances for our ancestors one by one can remind us that Christ atoned for our sins one at a time, regardless of what kind of lives we live and whether we feel we deserve it. 

A clear theme emerges from Elder Renlund’s tips: the importance of covenants. We can bring Jesus Christ’s Atonement into action by putting our own covenants into action. When we feel far from God, it is important to remember that we are already inexplicably bound to him through those covenants. All we need to do is take hold of that bond as we turn to Christ and learn to apply the Atonement in our everyday lives. 

Discover more about applying the Atonement of Jesus Christ by reading Elder Dale G. Renlund’s complete talk “Jesus Christ Is the Treasure.”

Source: General Conference

—Karlie Kelsch, Latter-day Saint Insights


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