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Mormons and Catholics: An Alliance of Faith

On March 7, 2017, two LDS apostles welcomed a new Catholic bishop to Utah.

"We stand together and give witness to Jesus Christ as his disciples." -M. Russell Ballard

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Many people around the world, including some members of the LDS Church, have wondered what relationship Mormons have with the Catholic Church. Two LDS apostles, Elder M. Russell Ballard and Elder D. Todd Christofferon, along with Elder L. Whitney Clayton of the Presidency of the Seventy, set a great example of the close friendship the Church strives to cultivate with Catholics as they attended the installation ceremony of Oscar A. Solis, a native of the Philippines, who was appointed by Pope Francis to lead the Diocese of Salt Lake City. Mormon Newsroom details this event, which took place at Salt Lake City’s Cathedral of the Madeleine, in the article “Mormon Apostles Welcome New Catholic Bishop in Utah.”

The Brethren’s attendance at this event is not a surprise. LDS leaders have been friends with Catholics for a long time. In fact, when the previous Catholic bishop in Utah, Bishop John C. Wester, was transferred to New Mexico in 2015, Elder Ballard attended his installation mass at the Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi in Santa Fe.

Speaking of the installation of Bishop Solis, Elder Ballard said, “Latter-day Saints cherish the long-standing friendship we have developed with the Catholic community in Utah and around the world. We look forward to partnering with Bishop Solis as we stand together and give witness to Jesus Christ as His disciples.”

Regardless of differences in our particular beliefs, Church leaders encourage us to maintain a strong friendship with Catholics and other faith groups as the world attacks established religions.

Read the full Mormon Newsroom article “Mormon Apostles Welcome New Catholic Bishop in Utah.

Source: Mormon Newsroom 

—Camille Lazelle, Mormon Insights

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  1. Thanks for sharing this newsroom article. I’m glad that the apostles show us such a great example of being friends with and respecting members of other faiths.

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