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Moving Forward in Spite of Fear

Each of us faces fear in life; the best way to overcome our fear is by moving forward with faith in God.

"A large part of conquering daily fear is simply doing things that we don't know how to do-yet." -Sister Virginia H. Pearce

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We’ve all experienced fear of the unknown at some point. When life hands us something that’s difficult or uncertain, we often feel fear or worry, even if we aren’t in real danger. Sometimes this fear is easy to quiet, but other times we feel overwhelmed and unable to silence it. In these moments, it might be tempting to give up and walk away from whatever is causing the fear.

In a talk titled “Fear,” Sister Virginia H. Pearce presents two pieces of advice to help us face daunting fears:

  1. Worry about what God thinks instead of what others think.
  2. Learn by doing.

If we focus on what others may think of us, our fear will likely increase. The more people we try to please, the greater our chance of failure. But if we focus on what God thinks of us, we’ll not only have an increased sense of self-worth but also a better idea of how we can achieve God’s plan for us.

As for the second piece of advice, Sister Pearce says, “A large part of conquering daily fear is simply doing things that we don’t know how to do—yet.” Fear exists to warn us of danger, and new experiences are dangerous in the sense that they can end in failure. Fear isn’t a red light; it’s a caution sign telling us to slow down and be aware as we proceed. The only way to overcome fear is to continue moving forward. If we give up when fear takes over, we may never know the happiness that comes from doing something truly great. If we rely on God and continue on the path he’s prepared, we’ll find that fear can bring our greatest joy.

Read the full article “Fear,” by Sister Virginia H. Pearce, to learn more about overcoming fears.


—Jenna Ahern, Mormon Insights


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