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Rooting Your Testimony in Christ

Despite the whirlwind of challenges thrown our way, we can fulfill our potential by planting and nourishing roots in Jesus Christ.

By learning of Christ daily, we become more deeply rooted in him.

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What do a scrub oak tree and a testimony have in common? They both can outlast oppressing conditions—but only if they have deep roots. In the article “Rooted in Christ,” Elder L. Whitney Clayton shares how we can strengthen the roots of our testimony in Jesus Christ.

Elder Clayton tells a story about a flowerpot he and his wife planted in their front yard. When some scrub oak seeds fell into the pot and began to sprout, he removed the seeds and was surprised to find that the roots in the soil were three or four times longer than the part of the plant above the surface. Deep roots give scrub oaks an uncommon resistance to heat and cold, wind and rain. As a scrub oak grows to its full height, the roots sustain it with a firm foundation.

We can develop deep, strong roots in our testimonies and lives. Elder Clayton explains that by learning of Christ daily, we become more deeply rooted in him, and we find value in all life experiences—both the good and the bad. In a companion article, Elder Clayton’s wife, Kathy Kipp Clayton, adds to this concept. She states that a foundation in Christ allows us to realize our true, royal identities as sons and daughters of God.

God can give us unlimited potential no matter who we are or what we have experienced. We may lack confidence or knowledge when it comes to our testimonies, but despite our imperfections, we can strengthen our roots and realize our own divine potential through Jesus Christ, our Savior and Redeemer.

Discover how you can root yourself in Christ and enhance your potential by reading Elder L. Whitney Clayton’s article “Rooted in Christ.

Source: Ensign

—Sarah Brown, Mormon Insights


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