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The Beauty of Broken

Though the feeling of being broken can be heavy, there’s beauty in that brokenness. It creates space for Christ to fill in the cracks and make us even stronger vessels than before.

Have you ever felt lost, hurt, or helpless? Have you ever done something you regret? Not necessarily a sin—just something that hurt you or someone you love? Have you ever just felt broken? If you have, you’re not alone. Recently, I went through a trial that sent negative thoughts racing through my mind. Fortunately, I found some peace when I stumbled upon Douglas F. Prawitt’s devotional address: “Line upon Line: Finding Joy in Progress.”

Brother Prawitt explains that it’s natural to feel like we’re not enough; it’s natural to feel regret for our shortcomings. But we don’t need to stay broken from regret: “Perhaps . . . the Lord expects that we acknowledge that we are weak, that we have much to learn through the experiences we have, and that we make mistakes. . . . And, instead of perpetually berating ourselves for past shortcomings, [the Lord wants us to] rejoice in forward movement.”

Man with a backpack looking forward, walking down a street. A quote on the picture reads, "instead of perpetually berating ourselves for past shortcomings, we can rejoice in forward movement." The quote is by Douglas F. Prawitt.

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As Brother Prawitt notes, sometimes life happens, and we get caught in the mess of it. Sometimes we speak rudely to someone we love, or we feel hurt by someone else’s unkind gestures toward us. Our and others’ actions can cause regret and pain. Though these experiences are painful, they are actually beautiful. The broken moments push us toward the Savior. When we’re broken, we make room for Christ to fill in the cracks and make us more than we could be on our own.

Life isn’t easy, but it gives us the experiences we need to let the Savior in. Oh, how beautiful it is to feel so completely shattered that only the Lord can put our lives back together. Oh, how beautiful it is to watch ourselves transform as we feel Christ’s grace seep into those cracks and strengthen us. I’m grateful that I’ve been broken.

Read Brother Douglas F. Prawitt’s devotional address, “Line upon Line: Finding Joy in Progress,” to learn more about how Christ allows us to stumble through life feeling broken so we can come to him and improve beyond imagination.

Source: www.speeches.byu.edu

—Elizabeth Gallacher, Latter-day Saint Insights  


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