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What Does It Mean to Be the “Seed of Abraham”?

Often we are reminded that we are connected to the prophets of old, but how? And why does that matter?

"When we know who we are, we are empowered to act in accordance with the potential within us and to avoid deception." - Shayne M. Bowen

If you’ve ever tuned out at the words “seed of Abraham,” this article is for you. With modern-day advances in technology, transportation, and daily living, and the centuries that separate us from ancient prophets, it can be hard to see how they are still relevant. In “The Blessings and Mission of the Seed of Abraham,” Elder Shayne M. Bowen of the Seventy clearly makes the connection between us and Abraham.

The term “seed of Abraham” includes all people who have been baptized into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and have made sacred covenants to follow and serve the Lord. Because of these covenants, we are given specific tasks and specific blessings.

Elder Bowen lists our tasks and the blessings we can receive for doing them:


  • Receive all of the ordinances offered by the Lord in His holy temples.
  • Share the gospel message.
  • Magnify your callings.
  • Continually live your gospel promises.


  • We receive blessings of the priesthood.
  • We have the opportunity to help gather scattered Israel so that all people everywhere may hear the word of God and come into the fold.
  • As we accept the gospel, we become part of the seed of Abraham, meaning that if we willingly make and keep covenants, we are entitled to all of the Father’s blessings—all that he has.

Abraham is not only an ancient prophet, but he is also our forefather, and we are all children of God. “And when we know who we are,” says Elder Bowen, “we are empowered to act in accordance with the potential within us and to avoid deception.”

Read more about the seed of Abraham in Elder Bowen’s article.

Source: Ensign
—Sarah Martin, Mormon Insights

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  1. annalisa Olivieri

    This is a new way to think of the old prophets and what we read in this scriptures. It’s hard to relate to those stories because they seem so far removed from us and the time we live in. But I like what it says in this article. We are still connected to the prophets of old, and we are part of the promise that was given to Abraham. If we take that into consideration, we should start to see ourselves in a new light.

  2. I like the breakdown of the responsibilities and blessings of being a child of Abraham. It simplifies it so that it doesn’t seem so overwhelming! It’s interesting to think our relationship to the ancient prophets as well.

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