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When Bad Things Happen

When bad things happen to good people, it’s hard to understand why.

No matter what is happening right now, there are good things to come.

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Brock thought everything was going great in his life—until a car accident left him physically disabled and no longer financially secure. In the video “Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?” Brock describes how hard he’d worked to provide for his family and how devastated he felt when his ability to work was suddenly taken away from him. When tragedies happen to good people, it’s especially difficult to understand why.

Fortunately, evidence of Christ’s love isn’t always in the good or bad things that happen to us. We can feel Christ’s love in the things that bring us true peace and joy: the gospel, love among family members, and the comfort the Spirit brings when we live righteously. Everyone will experience trials and will suffer at various points, but instead of becoming bitter or asking why, we can choose to learn and grow from the trials.

Brock chose to learn from his tragedy. He says that he wouldn’t know God as well as he does today if it hadn’t been for the car accident and that his new relationship with God is a blessing to him. Sometimes there isn’t a clear reason why bad things happen, but those difficult experiences can make us better people and bring us closer to God if we trust in him. That hope will carry us through, as it did for Brock.

Watch Brock tell his story in the full video, “Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?

Source: ChurchofJesusChrist.org

—Abby Crimm, Mormon Insights


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