Wise Words: God’s View on Vaping and Other Issues

Though we might not always fully understand God’s laws, those laws are always for our good.

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In today’s ambiguous world, knowing where to draw the line can sometimes be difficult, especially when it comes to the Word of Wisdom. The commandment in Doctrine and Covenants 89:9 to refrain from “hot drinks” can seem vague, and Doctrine and Covenants 89 doesn’t even mention drugs other than tobacco, so how do they fit in the Word of Wisdom? Luckily we have modern revelation that clarifies the questions that so many people honestly wonder about.

An article appearing in the August 2019 issue of the New Era, titled “Vaping, Coffee, Tea, and Marijuana,” answers common questions regarding the Word of Wisdom and the topics listed in the title. The article explains a little about each topic, offers some practical advice, and clearly states what is against the Word of Wisdom. 

The article specifically talks about vaping and e-cigarettes, which are hot topics in the medical industry right now. “Most vaping pods contain nicotine, which is highly addictive, and all of them contain harmful chemicals,” it explains, which is something that many youth and young adults aren’t aware of. Even if you use a vaping pod that claims to not contain nicotine, the health repercussions could be drastic. It seems that everywhere you look in the news, mysterious vaping-related illnesses and confirmed deaths have been making headlines. 

The medical world is just now understanding how dangerous e-cigarettes and vape pens can be. But God knows what is good for us and what isn’t, and through his prophets he gives us guidance for our day. The Word of Wisdom is a law that God has given us to help us keep our bodies safe, and even though we might not always fully understand God’s laws, those laws are always for our good. In addition, by obeying modern revelation given to prophets, we can be happy and healthy.

Read more about these inspired health guidelines in the full New Era article, “Vaping, Coffee, Tea, and Marijuana.”

Source: New Era  

—Sarah Jensen, Latter-day Saint Insights


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