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Your Spiritual Superpower

The greatest superpower of all—God’s power in our lives—comes from keeping our covenants and receiving the power to change.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be? It might be a hard choice! But there is a superpower you already have. In her address “The Power to Change,” Sister Ruth L. Renlund says, “You can have a superpower greater than that of any fictional power ever conceived. You can have God’s power in your life—the ultimate and very real superpower.”

“Linking ourselves with [Christ’s] name helps us identify with Him and changes us as we take on His attributes and characteristics.” By Ruth L. Renlund


Through this “superpower,” we can change. Sometimes enacting change in ourselves feels impossible. There have been times when I strived to make a positive change in my life, only to continually fall short. But God’s power is the power to change. As we make covenants with him, he helps us overcome our challenges and change for the better. Sister Renlund promises that “linking ourselves with [Christ’s] name helps us identify with Him and changes us as we take on His attributes and characteristics.”

I am so grateful for the power to change that I receive by linking my name with Christ’s through my covenant relationship with him. Sister Renlund tells us some of the daily power we can receive by making and keeping our covenants with God: “We can have the power to resist temptation, to be protected from the evil one, to accept and fulfill challenging callings, to discern truth from error, to make critical decisions in our lives that will keep us on the covenant path, to find joy regardless of our circumstances, to sort through life’s many activities, and to choose those things that are higher and holier.”

As Sister Renlund has shown, our innate superpower opens the doors to many other powers. The good news is that we don’t have to pick just one; when we keep our covenants with God, we can accomplish anything he needs us to do.

Read Sister Ruth L. Renlund’s full address “The Power to Change” to learn more about how keeping your covenants can change your daily life.

Source: BYU Speeches

—Abby Carr, Latter-day Saint Insights


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