Chasing Perfection 

One of Satan’s most convincing lies is that we can become perfect on our own. Buying into this lie will trap and overwhelm us, but turning to Christ will make us whole.   

Me + Christ = More —Tiffany Webster

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Being hardworking and ambitious are common characteristics of disciples of Christ. Unfortunately, in our quest to “be ye therefore perfect,” we sometimes attempt to get there on our own. We create plans and expectations for ourselves that are neither necessary nor from God.

Like many of us, Tiffany Webster attempted to live her “fifteen-year plan” perfectly, but everything came crashing down for her. When her lie of a perfect life became too much to hide, she discovered that she had been trying to live God’s plan in Satan’s way. In her talk “The Perfect Lie,” Webster describes how she exposed this lie in her own life and how we can overcome it.

Webster explains that it is delusional to believe we can become like Christ without his help. Instead, we become better as we allow our Savior to come into our lives and as we stop trying to do everything on our own. It is easy to get caught up in trying to be more: more kind, more loving, more fit. No matter how much we do or how much we try, we are nothing without Christ’s help and strength.

We need to add Christ to the equation if we want to become all that we can be. Perfection is the eventual goal, but God doesn’t demand perfection from us today. When we stop chasing perfection and start chasing the Savior, we become whole.

Watch “The Perfect Lie,” by Tiffany Webster, to learn more about overcoming perfectionism through Christ.  

Source: Mormon Channel 

—Laura Fuchs, Mormon Insights   

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