Accepting God’s Indirect Blessings

Sometimes, letting God help us means accepting help from unlikely places.

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If the Savior offered to heal you, would you let him? Most people would quickly answer with a yes. However, sometimes we are reluctant to accept help that doesn’t come from him directly.

In a Mormon Channel video called “Living with Depression,” Heather shares how she discovered that the Savior’s help comes from many sources. She was ashamed of her depression, and she didn’t want anyone but the Savior to help her. “I never wanted to be medicated, ever. I didn’t want to see a counselor,” she says.

Eventually, she did go to a counselor, and when she said that she didn’t want medication because she wanted the Savior to heal her, the counselor said, “Who ever said I’m not the answer to your prayer?”

God created the earth, gives everyone life, and assists us in gaining knowledge and developing technologies, so any help we receive on this earth is a blessing from him. But sometimes, perhaps because of pride, we don’t want to accept a blessing unless it seems unexplained and miraculous—unless we can specifically see God’s hand in giving it to us. However, recognizing that indirect blessings come from him is key to being grateful and to enjoying his help.

Heather states, “The answer for me wasn’t just that it was going to be swept away, but that the doctors were going to be able to help me.” Because Heather accepted this help, she improved and found joy in life. Her story teaches us that accepting help from others is accepting help from God. She says, “I have . . . realized that there’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

Listen to Heather’s full story, “Living with Depression.”

Source: Mormon Channel

—Christy Eck, Mormon Insights

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