Am I Ready for General Conference?

General conference is an important worldwide event, and there are many ways for us to prepare.

Twice a year, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has a general conference where leaders share uplifting and inspired messages. To help you get ready for a conference weekend full of wholesome enlightenment, there are a ton of resources at One helpful page from the Church’s website is called “Ideas for Studying. It lists some great ideas for enhancing your personal study this general conference:

  1. Listen to the Spirit.

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  2. Ask questions and look for answers.
  3. Record your impressions.
  4. Relate teachings to your own experiences.
  5. Look up resources the speakers refer too.

It also has some suggestions for things to pay attention to while you watch conference:

  1. Mentions of Jesus Christ
  2. Inspiring words and phrases
  3. Principles and doctrines
  4. Lists
  5. Invitations and blessings

Shannon Symonds has provided another resource “Preparing for Conference: Spiritual Readiness, Family Traditions Add to Experience,” Symonds says that in addition to being a great time to receive revelation, conference can be a time to create traditions with family or friends.

Symonds shares a tradition her mother started for conference weekend: baking cinnamon rolls. She says, “Little did my mother know when she baked her first batch of oversized cinnamon rolls for the Sunday of general conference, she was creating a tradition that would bring family members together to worship and connect, even when they were struggling spiritually.” Traditions like baking cinnamon rolls aren’t just yummy, they also create memories that can bond us with our families and friends, all while we enjoy conference. Indeed, general conference can be a spiritual buffet if you give it your full preparation!

Read more about personal and family preparation for conference in Shannon Symonds’ article, “Preparing for Conference: Spiritual Readiness, Family Traditions Add to Experience.”

Read the full articles to get all your studying ideas, “Ideas for Studying.”


—Kimber Severance, Mormon Insights


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