Are You Listening to the Spiritual Secrets of the Universe?

All the planets and stars, nebulas, and galaxies witness that there is a Supreme Creator, and they teach us of his nature.

In 2009, apostle Neal A. Maxwell turned his attention to the skies. In his talk “Our Creator’s Cosmos,” he spoke about how the nature of the universe can teach us about the nature of God.

What can a study of the universe teach us about God?

Photo by Klemen Vrankar.

He Loves Us Personally

God has done much to prepare a place for us in this expanding, complex universe, and he knows us individually. His love for us, despite the expanse of his creations, is a testament to our worth. “In the expansiveness of space, there is stunning personalness, for God knows and loves each of us! (see 1 Nephi 11:17).”

He is a God of Order

God’s creations reflect order and purposefulness. Scientists have suggested many different configurations of the universe, all following beautiful and complex patterns (see Abraham 3:2, 9).

He is Able to Protect and Help Us

Whatever life brings, we can have faith in God’s ability to bring his purposes to pass. Elder Maxwell taught, “We can confess His hand in our individual lives just as we can confess His hand in the astonishing universe,” and in so doing, feel his love for us (see D&C 59:21).

Understanding these truths can impact our lives on a personal level. Neal A. Maxwell promised, “Greater appreciation for the greater universe will…help us to live more righteously in our own tiny universes of daily life….As we reverence what the Lord has created, we are to reverence Him and His character enough to strive to become ever more like Him, as He has directed.”

Read the rest of Neal A. Maxwell’s talk “Our Creator’s Cosmos.”

Source: Religious Studies Center

—Teya Jensen, Mormon Insights


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