A Gospel of Questions

Woman in Yellow Long Sleeve Shirt Lying on her back on a Couch reading

We should always be willing to ask questions in this life, and being mindful about the questions we ask will help us progress. When was the last time you asked an earnest question? Not a rhetorical or half-hearted question, but a question to which you truly wish you had an… Continue reading

Studying the Scientific Details of Creation

Selective Focus Photography of Green Fern Plant

Both scientific and religious viewpoints of creation can contribute to a meaningful understanding of the world around us. The debate between creationism and evolution is a rhetorical minefield, and adherents on either side would have us believe that reconciliation is impossible. Yet Dr. Daniel J. Fairbanks has a foot in… Continue reading

Familiarity Among Strangers

Image of sunrise through destroyed buildings

We should develop an appreciation for the diversity around us and see everyone as fellow citizens in the household of God. Anyone who has visited another country may attest that it can be deeply disorienting to exit the plane and find yourself immersed in an unfamiliar culture. I know the… Continue reading

How the Internet Divides Our Soul

A cell phone.

The internet allows us to spread ourselves too thin; careful use of our agency is essential for getting the most out of the technology we use. The ability to multitask by using technology allows us to be in many places at once. Thanks to the internet and cell phones, we… Continue reading