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Becoming a Missionary Without a Name Tag

You don’t have to be a full-time missionary to share the gospel and bring others to Christ.

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Like countless other young Latter-day Saints, I have not served a mission. Many of my friends have, and for up to two years, they each worked diligently to bring people to Christ. I’ve sometimes compared myself to these returned missionaries, and wondered if  I’m doing enough.

In Elder Gary E. Stevenson’s talk “Love, Share, Invite,” he discusses how we all have opportunities to share the gospel. “From our young children to the eldest among us, we yearn for the time when we can heed the Savior’s call and share the gospel with the nations of the world.” He promises that it is never too late for us to participate in missionary work, and he encourages everyone to “begin now.”

Stevenson breaks down this process of everyday missionary work into three steps: love, share, and invite. 


“Whenever we show Christlike love toward our neighbor, we preach the gospel,” Stevenson says. “Even if we do not voice a single word.” 


Sharing the gospel has become much easier with social media. Simply resharing an inspiring quote or posting about a scripture that speaks to you can influence your family and friends and help them feel the Spirit


“There are hundreds of invitations we can extend to others,” Stevenson explains. An invitation can be anything from giving someone a Book of Mormon to inviting them to a church activity. The Holy Ghost will help you know what kind of invitation someone needs. 

Anyone has the opportunity to be an everyday missionary. “No formal calling is needed,” Stevenson shares. “No name badge or letter is required.”

You can read and watch Elder Stevenson’s talk, “Love, Share, Invite,” here


—Payton Pingree, Latter-day Saint Insights


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