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Changing for the Better

Changes range from fun and exciting to devastating and frightening. Here’s how to prepare for whatever comes your way.

Picture quote: Christ holding hands with a woman; "Although our Lord Jesus Christ never changes, he is the quitessential change agent, the only true change agent."

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An unexpected plot twist makes a novel engaging, but an unexpected life twist usually causes a headache. We can’t control all of the changes that come our way, but we can prepare for unexpected challenges by becoming more like the Savior. But becoming more like the Savior is easier said than done.

Before her marriage to Elder Russell M. Nelson of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, Sister Wendy Watson was a family therapist and BYU professor. In a BYU devotional, she discusses the concept of structural coupling. This is a natural process in which two organisms become like each other as they live in close contact and interact with one another.

“So, who would you most want to be like?” she asks. “Who would you most want to see like? Who would you most like to think like? Whose image would you like engraven upon your countenance?” By spending time with the Savior, we can become like him.

Christ helps us through the process of change by making it possible to give up our sins. “Although our Lord Jesus Christ never changes, he is the quintessential change agent—the only true change agent,” she teaches.

As we change through Christ, we gain hope to battle any challenges or trials we may face.

Read Wendy Watson’s full article, “Change: It’s Always a Possibility.

Source: BYU Speeches

—Angela Marler, Mormon Insights

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