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Demystifying Ministering

Without a to-do list describing how to minister to our brothers and sisters, ministering may feel a little bit mystifying. But the Spirit can teach us how to fulfill the Savior’s invitation to minister in his way.

The revised ministering program in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints goes beyond the previous schedule of monthly teaching visits. Without that structure and now four years after Elder Russell M. Nelson announced the transition, you may still ask yourself, how do I minister?

Christopher Waddell’s talk “Just as He Did demystifies ministering in the Savior’s way by sharing personal experiences that show how simple acts of loving and serving can produce miraculous results. In each example he shares, he shows how ministering in the Savior’s way is unique to each individual. Elder Waddell says, “We may wonder how best to serve, but the Lord knows, and through His Spirit we will be directed in our efforts.”

"His efforts to love, lift, serve, and bless had a higher goal than meeting the immediate need."  —W. Christopher Waddell


We all have daily struggles that can be alleviated by someone listening to the Spirit’s promptings. A kind word, the loving embrace of a friend, or a small act of thoughtful care can go a long way to strengthen bonds of friendship with those to whom we minister. While we build unity with and care for one another, we follow Christ. Bishop Waddell teaches that just as Christ’s “efforts to love, lift, serve, and bless had a higher goal than meeting the immediate need;” our higher goal (as the ministering resources on the Church’s website state) is to “help others achieve a deeper spiritual conversion and become more like the Savior.”

Ministering provides us with opportunities to acquire Christlike attributes like faith, hope, and charity. As we follow the direction of the Spirit, we demonstrate faith. When we “succor the weak, lift the hands which hang down, and strengthen the feeble knees” (Doctrine and Covenants 81:5), we spread hope and become more charitable. The blessings of ministering abound, and although the lack of specific guidelines may feel challenging, your ministering will be effective as you seek guidance through the Spirit, follow the Savior’s example, deepen conversion in those to whom we minister, and charitably serve.

To hear the remarkable stories of effective ministering, read Bishop W. Christopher Waddell’s talk “Just as He Did.”

Source: Liahona

—Rachel Roberts, Latter-day Saint Insights


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Take a look at “A Holier Approach to Ministering” by Neil L. Andersen for more insight on ministering as the Savior did.

Review Thomas S. Monson’s address “Love—the Essence of the Gospel to better understand the purpose of ministering.

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