Eleven Techniques for Time Management

In order to manage our time, we first must manage ourselves.

Throughout our lives we will find ourselves momentarily trapped by time. School, work, or other activities begin to drown us, and although we may want to ignore a problem, disregarding it is ineffective. Instead, practicing better time management skills brings relief and buoyancy to an otherwise sinking situation.

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In his article “Personal Time Management: One Key to a Leader’s Effectiveness,” Rex W. Allred gives advice on how to manage time wisely to become more productive. As he reminds us, everyone has the same 168 hours a week—how we work with it determines our ability to make the most of any given situation.

Here are three of the ideas Allred gives on how to manage our time: 

Focus on results. We often race at high speeds all day only to discover that we have been doing things rather than getting things done. Keeping the end goal in sight will enhance our capability to be effective rather than only quick.

Keep a time log. If your time log reveals that you have not been spending your time effectively, make plans and commitments to change your behavior accordingly.

Set priorities. Figure out the best use of your time. Consider using a personal planner or smart phone to aid your efforts.

The challenge to better utilize our time grows continuously as we take on more of life’s roles and responsibilities. Seeking the skill of effective time management will strengthen your contribution to the Lord’s work and help you accomplish far more in life.

To read the rest of Allred’s advice for time utilization, read his full article.

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—Meagan Knight­, Mormon Insights

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  1. K this is so relevant to me right now as a student. Thanks for the article!

  2. Tatiana Hernandez

    It’s easy to be discouraged and let that turn you to procrastination. But thanks for these tips. It helps keep the discouragement and procrastination at bay, which helps me get work done! So useful.

  3. One thing that is not mentioned in this article that has helped me manage my time is putting the Lord first. When I have been the most busy I still have managed to get everything done if I prioritized by putting God first. It is amazing how He will magnify our efforts in all that we do.

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