Empowering Our Children

How can we protect and empower the children in our lives? Marissa Widdison turns to examples from the Savior’s life for answers.

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Each day, children are bombarded with new dangers, and as adults it can be hard to know what we can do to help the future generations stay on the path of righteousness. But Marissa Widdison uses examples from the Savior’s life to help guide us in our efforts to protect and empower the children in our lives in her article Protecting Children. 

First, the Savior made time for children (see Matthew 19:14). He sat down with them and listened. Likewise, we can set aside time every day to listen to our children and understand their worries and challenges.

Next, Jesus set the perfect example (see John 8:12). Although we may not be perfect, we too have opportunities to be good examples. We can model good behavior and choices for our children by treating others with kindness.

The Savior also spoke up for children (see Matthew 18:6) and empowered them (see Matthew 18:3). We can be advocates for the children in our lives as we speak out against bullying and other threats. We can also allow them to speak up for themselves by helping them to recognize their own voices.

Lastly, Jesus took time to bless each child (see 3 Nephi 17:21). Similarly, we can get to know each child and meet their specific needs. We can make our homes and church buildings safe places for children to learn and grow.

Marissa Widdison finishes her thoughts with this: “We are the caretakers of the next generation…. Let’s continue to look to Jesus as our perfect example and then do the best we can to surround our little ones with love and protection.”

Read more about the Savior’s perfect example of protecting and empowering children by reading Marissa Widdison’s full article Protecting Children.

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—Jessie Bruner, Latter-day Saint Insights 


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