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Even Our Sins

The gifts of Christ’s Atonement extend to cover all of life’s sorrows.

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It’s easy to talk about the ways that Christ’s Atonement can help us through trials beyond our control. After all, at some point everyone will face challenges that they didn’t ask for. But sometimes, the source of our pain will be the consequences of our own accidents, mistakes, or unwise choices. In those instances, it can feel so much more difficult to seek forgiveness; shame and guilt might make us feel that our suffering is earned or deserved.

Elder Peter F. Meurs of the Seventy shares his own experience with guilt and remorse in his April 2023 general conference address, “He Could Heal Me!” When he once fell asleep at the wheel, he and his family were involved in a head-on collision, resulting in serious injuries. Everyone involved recovered, but Elder Meurs shares that he “continued to have deep feelings of guilt and remorse.” He says, “I struggled for years to forgive myself and to find peace.” 

When logic tells us that our pain and suffering are our own fault, it’s easy to feel that we are unworthy of forgiveness. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Christ’s love and compassion for each of us are not diminished by what sins and burdens we carry. As Elder Meurs reflects, “The Savior’s healing and redeeming power applies to accidental mistakes, poor decisions, challenges, and trials of every kind.” We are all invited to receive the healing love Christ offers through his Atonement. Whether or not we are responsible for our sorrows, our Savior is ready to help us become free of them.

Read and watch Elder Peter F. Meurs’ full talk “He Could Heal Me!” to find out more about the healing gift of Christ’s Atonement.  

Source: General Conference

—MJ Christensen, Latter-day Saint Insights


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