Getting the Most from Your Temple Worship

By treating the temple as a place of learning, our visits can become more meaningful.

“Go to the temple.” It’s something we hear from Church leaders almost as much as the exhortation to read our scriptures and say our prayers. But no matter how many times it has been said, many of us may struggle to understand the true importance of regular temple attendance.  

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In “Temple Worship: The Key to Knowing God,” Elder Marion D. Hanks reveals how the temple can be a place of learning as we strive to keep our covenants. Temple ordinances are designed to teach us “the principles of eternal progression” so that we can walk out of the temple’s doors with a reinforced determination to live the gospel well.

Elder Hanks suggests ways that we can get the most from our temple worship and increase our desire to go often. He particularly talks about how our experiences in the temple can help us emulate our Savior’s teachings daily: “In the temple we can learn to live as Christ lived on earth and as He and the Father live.” As we incorporate what we learn into our lives, we will draw closer to the Lord and develop a deeper understanding of his plan for us.

Don’t let temple attendance become another item to check off a to-do list. Temple blessings are for all of us, regardless of our stage in life. As we follow the counsel of prophets and leaders to go as often as we can, we will find the strength to live as Christ did, enabling us to come to know our Heavenly Father in a new way.  

Source: Ensign

—Leah Barton, Mormon Insights Contributor


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