Hints and Clear Signals: Dating Tips from Young Single Adults

When it comes to dating, it can be difficult to know what the other person is thinking. Learn how to send and receive the right signals.

“Always treat each other with respect, whether or not you are interested, whether or not you are dating, and whether or not you used to date that person.”

Feeling uncertain when it comes to dating is normal. It can be hard to pick up on clues to understand who is or is not interested. Is the girl you see every day in class interested? Is the guy who always smiles at you too afraid to ask you out? How can you know, and how can you help a potential date feel more comfortable?

These are some of the questions Kimberly Webb answers in an Ensign article entitled “Dating: ‘He Says,’ ‘She Says.’”

Two people biking, with the quote "Form lasting friendships" by Kimberly Webb

To navigate relationships, it is important to pay attention to clues, such as someone making an effort to be around you, looking into your eyes when talking with you, and seeming comfortable and happy in your presence. These are clues that that person may be interested in some kind of relationship, whether friendship, dating, or courtship. It may be difficult to differentiate between the three, yet they all begin in the same way: by simply being friendly.

Be friendly to everyone; people enjoy being around those who make them feel good about themselves. While being friendly, however, focus the most attention and affection on the person you are interested in dating so that he or she can tell that you’re interested. Paying special attention to one person will also send the signal to others that although you are friendly, you are not necessarily interested in a dating relationship.

Read Kimberly Webb’s Ensign article “Dating: ‘He Says,’ ‘She Says.’”

Source: Ensign
—Charlotte Noelle Champenois, Mormon Insights

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  1. Great article! I wish everyone would just be friendly no matter what and not have to worry about who likes who.

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