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How Can I Be Optimistic about the Future?

In the aftermath of one of the world’s darkest hours, President Hinckley encouraged the world to stay optimistic. That advice still applies today.
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As told in scripture, in the last days there “shall be . . . wars and rumors of wars, and the whole earth shall be in commotion, and men’s hearts shall fail them” (D&C 45:26). That is our world today. Fear and suffering are part of life all around the globe. Nevertheless, we must—and can—remain hopeful.

After the September 11, 2001, attacks on the United States, President Gordon B. Hinckley spoke on “The Times in Which We Live.” Speaking of the necessity of remaining optimistic despite fear, he counsels, “There is no need to fear. We can have peace in our hearts and peace in our homes.” Now, years later, President Hinckley’s advice is just as needed.

During uncertain times, says President Hinckley, we must focus on prayer: “Let us be prayerful. . . . Let us pray for the forces of good. Let us reach out to help men and women of goodwill, whatever their religious persuasion and wherever they live.” Through prayer, we can seek Heavenly Father’s guidance and act as his agents in a world in need of goodness.

When the forces of evil seem more powerful than ever, our responsibility is to act with greater courage. Reflecting on the Second Coming, President Hinckley says, “There is so much of the Lord’s work yet to be done. . . . We can be an influence for good in this world, every one of us.” As the world gets darker, we must strive even more to reflect the Savior’s light.

Read or watch President Gordon B. Hinckley’s “The Times in Which We Live.”

Source: LDS General Conference

—Collin Mathias, Mormon Insights

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