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How Can I Choose Love Over Bitterness?

Even when the world gives us every reason to be bitter, we can make the choice to cultivate love in our hearts.

"Let us dig the soil of bitterness, throw in a seed of love, and see what fruits it can give us." -Julia Mavimbela. plant.

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Under the government system of racial segregation called apartheid, South African communities were fraught with racial tension. But when the car accident that killed Julia Mavimbela’s husband was blamed on him because of his black skin, apartheid suddenly became personal for her. Bitterness formed in her heart, reflected in the words she wrote on her husband’s gravestone, “The lump still remains,” meaning that no matter the length of time since his death, Julia would never forget her loss or the source of her pain. How could she ever forgive?

Break the Soil of Bitterness: One Woman’s Quest for Healing,” a video produced by the Church History Department, tells Julia’s story of finding a love strong enough to overcome her bitterness. Julia’s choice to turn outward and serve others testifies of the ability we each have to choose what we make of the pain and suffering of this life.

Before Julia had ever heard the gospel, she recognized the danger of letting her wounds consume her. When youth in her community were rioting in response to the harsh apartheid laws, she decided to reach out to them. In teaching them how to garden, Julia demonstrated that it is possible to stop resenting and start loving. She told them, “Where there was bloodstain, a beautiful flower must grow. Let us dig the soil of bitterness, throw in a seed of love, and see what fruits it can give us.”

When Julia later met the missionaries and joined the Church, she said she finally found the way to replace her lump with love, becoming “filled with hope for the future.” As the world we live in becomes increasingly painful and unjust, we can look to Julia’s example as a reminder that through hope, which the gospel of Jesus Christ gives us, we can choose to cultivate love.

Watch the Church History Department’s video of Julia Mavimbela’s incredible story, “Break the Soil of Bitterness.”

Source: Church History

—Heather Randall, Mormon Insights

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