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How to Face Unanswered Questions

When we face difficult questions, we can look to the undoubtable truths we already hold dear to strengthen our patience in God’s timing.

The world has a tendency to pull the rug out from under us. Just when we think we have life figured out, friends and family may walk unexpected paths, plans may go awry, and unanswered questions about the gospel may weigh on our shoulders.

"Don't abandon the rock wall of your testimony."-RIchard G. Hinckley

Photo by Domianick

In a video titled “Act in Faith: The Stonemason,” Elder Richard G. Hinckley asks us to put ourselves in the shoes of a stonemason. A stonemason’s job is to build structures by arranging stones of varying shapes and sizes until they are nestled in without any gaps. Elder Hinckley compares our testimonies to a stone wall, and the precious truths and experiences we have gathered throughout our lives are the varying stones that we have used to build our testimonies thus far. 

On occasion, a stonemason will come across a stone that just doesn’t fit anywhere. When this occurs, these master artisans will simply set the piece aside until the perfect spot for it arises. Similarly, when we face questions and doubts about a stone of truth, we can set it aside and return for it when its place becomes clearer. 

“Don’t throw away the jewels you do have,” Elder Hinckley says. “Hold onto them. Build on them. Don’t abandon the rock wall of your testimony because one or two rocks don’t seem to fit.” God cares about us. He is the master artisan who is aware of the stones that lie to the side. He will reveal answers to us when the timing is right.

Watch Elder Richard G. Hinckley’s video “Act in Faith: The Stonemason” for further understanding of God’s timing and of how you can strengthen your testimony when facing difficult questions and concerns. 


—Haley Roper, Latter-day Saint Insights 


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