Keep Christ at the Center

During the ups and downs we all cycle through, we must always keep Christ at the center and as the foundation of our lives.  

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The gospel of Jesus Christ is full of good news, but more than anything else, Christ is our good news—the best news. But for all the truth and joy of the gospel, some aspects of the doctrine and practices can be overwhelming or confusing. In his general conference talk “The Message, the Meaning, and the Multitude,” Elder Jeffrey R. Holland explains how vital it is that we keep our lives centered on Christ, not getting distracted from him. 

Elder Holland mentions a number of valid activities that can pull our thoughts from the Savior. Some of them are objectively good, like the excitement of gathering for General Conference and hearing new announcements, but they lose their meaning and importance if we do not remember to see the purpose and person behind them. Additionally, going through the temple for the first time can be overwhelming, and we need to help others understand that these new and eternally significant experiences are meant to “never distract from but rather point toward the Savior, whom we are there to worship.” There are also people learning of the gospel for the first time whom we can help not to get pigeonholed in little details but to regularly re-center their new knowledge in Christ.

All the good things of this earth come back to Christ (see Moroni 7:16), and he can help us through all the bad things. Jesus Christ offers peace, clarity, comfort, and cleansing. As we work to see the Savior in our lives and keep him in the center of it all, our testimonies of him and our relationship with him will grow. He loves us, and he is with us.

Read or watch Elder Jeffrey R. Holland’s talk “The Message, the Meaning, and the Multitude” for more insights on keeping Christ at the core of our lives. 

Source: General Conference

—R. Maren Skidmore, Latter-day Saint Insights


Take a look at the first chapter of Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Howard W. Hunter, Jesus Christ—Our Only Way to Hope and Joy,” to learn more about the importance of Jesus Christ from President Howard W. Hunter, who states, “If our lives and our faith are centered upon Jesus Christ and his restored gospel, nothing can ever go permanently wrong.”

Read more about remembering the Savior in the First Presidency Message written by President Henry B. Eyring, “Always Remember Him.”

Learn more about our Savior and his Atonement in Brother Tad R. Callister’s talk “The Atonement of Jesus Christ.”

Read about this young adult’s experience in “Lean Not: Staying Centered in Christ” to learn more about strengthening our spirits and centering ourselves in Christ.

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