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On Waiting and Walking

Bravery and courage are demonstrated not only by facing big trials, but also by maintaining daily persistence.

"Keep walking and give time a chance." -Virginia H. Pearce. Grassy field with two people walking with mountains in the background.

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When I think of pioneers, my mind jumps to stories of frozen rivers; bundled and bloody feet; and death, faith, and perseverance. It’s overwhelming to think of the trials these good people suffered because of their faith. I know we’re supposed to emulate their example, but it’s hard to relate my small struggles with their massive trials.

in her 1997 talk “Keep Walking, and Give Time a Chance,” Sister Virginia H. Pearce explains how we can bridge this gap between us and the pioneers. She explains that although the pioneers suffered a great deal, a lot of their bravery did not come from any grand moment. Rather, their bravery was born from small and simple persistence. How difficult is it to keep moving every day when it doesn’t seem like you’re making any progress? For most of the pioneers, this was their work: they needed to carry on in faith and persistence, even when every day was the same slow routine.

I get beaten down at times, as we all do. And the daily barrage of assignments, tasks, and errands has no foreseeable end; in fact, I’m sure it will get worse as I get older. “It is so difficult,” says Sister Pearce, “to keep believing that we are making progress when we are moving at such a pace—to keep believing in the future when the mileage of the day is so minuscule.” But the pioneers believed in the future, and I can too.

Watch or read “Keep Walking, and Give Time a Chance,” given by Virginia H. Pearce at the 1997 General Young Women Meeting. 

Source: LDS General Conference

—Brynne Jackson, Mormon Insights 

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