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Putting on the Armour of Light

By filling our lives with things that draw us closer to Jesus Christ, we can put on the armor of light and move forward with faith knowing that we are protected from the attacks of the world and the adversary.

Darkness can be paralyzing. I remember touring a cave with my family when I was young, and at one point the tour guide turned off all lights to show us just how complete the darkness inside a cave is when there are no sources of light. Even though I had been comforted seconds before by the presence of family and awed by the cave’s beauty, as soon as those lights turned off, I felt suffocated by fear.

Sunshine lighting a man's silhouette.

Just like I struggled to find light in the cave, sometimes we struggle to find light in a world seemingly full of darkness. In a BYU devotional by Dennis L. Largey titled “The Armour of Light (Romans 13:12),” he explains what it means to put on the armor of light and how it helps protect us from the adversary’s darkness. In his devotional Largey explains that “having light is evidence that Jesus Christ is part of our life. His light—His spirit, His truth, His power—inspires, motivates, comforts, capacitates, and protects.”

So how can we invite Jesus Christ more into our lives and thereby increase the light that we have? Largey mentioned a few suggestions in his devotional: 

  1. Attend the temple.
  2. Immerse yourself in the scriptures.
  3. Pray daily to Heavenly Father.
  4. View wholesome media that invites the Spirit.

The truth is, choosing to invite light into our lives is going to take some sacrifice. In fact, Largey explains that we are going to have to “dig down deep and do what is needed to intensify light in our life.” But if we are willing to put in the effort to strengthen our defenses, we can be confident in the power of Jesus Christ and know that we can move forward with his guiding light, even during our darkest times.

Read more about how to put on the armor of light with Dennis L. Largey’s talk “The Armour of Light (Romans 13:12).” 

Source: BYU Speeches

—Megan Hutchings, Latter-day Saint Insights


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