Science Is Catching Up

Modern science continues to affirm the blessings of following the Word of Wisdom.

Picture of wheat reads: "Although the confirming evidence provided by modern science may give us additional reasons to keep the Word of Wisdom, it is ultimately our faith in the Lord’s word and our consistent obedience to this revelation that will qualify us for the promised blessings."

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In his Ensign article, “A Principle with Promises,” G. Craig Kiser discusses the counsel given in Doctrine and Covenants 89 with an insightful approach to the Word of Wisdom. Not surprisingly, there is scientific evidence to support the belief that following the Lord’s guidance on what we take into our bodies will lead to a long and healthy life. Kiser explains the following about the specific food items that are mentioned in the revelation:

  • Fruits and vegetables contain more nutrients than any other food. They are known to repair damaged blood vessels and prevent serious chronic illness and disease.
  • Grains and nuts aid insulin function, lower blood pressure, and greatly reduce the risk of diabetes and several cancers.
  • Meat, fish, and fowl are on the earth “for [our] use.” But we are cautioned to eat meats sparingly. Medical research has shown that diets high in meat are lower in nutritional value and higher in saturated fats.

Kiser then cautions against foods that are not specifically mentioned in the Lord’s guidelines:

  • Processed foods are not healthy because they do not consist of whole grains; in fact, a food that is processed, by definition, has the most nutritional parts of the grain removed (the husk and the germ).
  • Energy drinks are not specifically mentioned in the revelation; however, they are a health risk we would be wise to avoid.

Kiser concludes that modern science may affirm gospel truths, but we should exercise faith in the Lord and his promises before we look to science to support God’s wisdom.

Read G. Craig Kiser’s article, “A Principle with Promises.” 

Source: Ensign

—Christine Wilkins, Mormon Insights

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  1. This was an extremely useful article to read. Even though these are things I am aware of, it’s nice to be reminded in a SUCCINCT way. What was new to me was the information about processed foods. Even though I’ve heard reference to how processed foods are lacking nutrients, it’s nice to know why. I’m also interested in the link to the article about energy drinks.

  2. This was a very interesting article. I love when it says at the end that even though science is on our side here, we should still trust in the Lord first before turning to science.

  3. I like this article about SCIENCE IS CATCHING UP, it has a lot of info, thanks for sharing

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