The Blessings of Owning Your Testimony

When we learn to take charge of our own testimony of Jesus Christ, we’re able to overcome life’s daily struggles. 

In her Fall 2022 address to BYU students “Eternal Perspective Through Owning Your Testimony,” Peggy S. Worthen shared a story about a rabbi and the prophet Elijah.  

On their journey, Elijah and the rabbi stay with a poor man who treats them kindly and a rich man who gives them only the basics and sends them to stay in his cowshed. Despite his generous service, the poor man’s only treasure—a cow—dies on the morning that Elijah and the rabbi leave. On the morning that Elijah and the rabbi leave the rich man, Elijah sends for a mason to repair one of the rich man’s walls as an expression of gratitude. 

The rabbi could not understand why Elijah would show kindness to the merchant, rather than the poor man. The prophet explains that the poor man’s wife was supposed to die but God took the cow instead. As for the rich man, there were riches buried under the wall that needed repairs and if the rich man had fixed it himself, he would’ve found the treasure. Elijah testifies, “Say not therefore to the Lord: What doest thou? But say in thy heart: Must not the Lord of all the earth do right?”’


Our lives on earth can be filled with injustices. When we try to understand the reason behind every tragedy or disappointment, it can cloud the real reason why we’re here—to gain experience through trials and tests. That can sound overwhelming, especially to college students whose lives revolve around actual tests. But our trials help us learn and grow, and thankfully, our Heavenly Father wants us to ace this earthly test. He’s given us tools like the Holy Ghost to help us make decisions. And, He gave us Jesus Christ—a Savior that helps us move forward from every surprise pop quiz. 

Sister Worthen testified, “The process of taking charge of our own testimonies can be demanding and exacting, but through the process we become more refined… Through the process, our testimony of Jesus Christ gives us divine perspective.” 

We access power through our personal testimony of Christ’s life and Atonement. Taking responsibility for our testimony can be hard, but tests aren’t meant to be easy! If you embrace the process of prayer, scripture study, and Christlike living, you’ll be prepared for life’s challenges. And when something comes along that takes you by surprise, or doesn’t end up like you hoped, your testimony of Jesus Christ will be there to help you move forward in faith. 

Read more about taking charge of your own testimony with Sister Worthen’s full address, “Eternal Perspective Through Owning Our Testimony”.

 —Abby Haralson, Latter-day Saint Insights

Source: BYU Speeches


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