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6 Questions to Evaluate Your Faith

Have you ever wondered if your faith is enough? Strengthen your faith with Elder Kacher’s advice before trials come!

In today’s world, having faith in God and His Son Jesus Christ can be hard. Naysayers plant seeds of confusion and doubt in the hearts of the Saints.

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Under such attacks, there is no need to struggle alone. In our trials of faith, we can expect to receive comfort and guidance from friends, family, and leaders of the Church. Seeking to increase your faith is essential because  “your exaltation and that of your posterity depend on [your faith].” Elder Larry S. Kacher declares this truth and explains how to increase faith in his General Conference talk “Ladder of Faith.”

He suggests six questions to ask ourselves as we progress and help others progress towards exaltation:

  1.     Am I stripped of pride?
  2.     Do I give place in my heart for the word of God?
  3.     Do I allow my afflictions to be consecrated for my gain?
  4.     Am I willing to let my will be swallowed up in the will of the Father?
  5.     If I have felt to sing the song of redeeming love, can I feel so now?
  6.     Do I let God prevail in my life?

A simple “yes” or “no” is an insufficient response to these probing questions of the soul. These questions require daily self-reflection from everyone. 

If you are struggling with any of these points, know that you are not alone. Elder Kacher declares that “we don’t see all things. He does.” Ultimately, we are all headed in the same direction: exaltation and eternal life in the presence of our Father in Heaven. As we journey together towards this ultimate goal, we can support each other in our efforts to increase faith.

Read more about how to navigate trials of faith in Elder Larry S. Kacher’s talk “Ladder of Faith.” 


—Megan Crook, Latter-day Saint Insights


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