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The Book of Mormon: Corrective Lenses of the Soul

Through reading the Book of Mormon, our spiritual field of vision can be widened and strengthened.

"Like two eyes divinely paired, the Bible and the Book of Mormon complement each other." -Lynn G. Robbins

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In the talk The Eyes of the Blind Shall See,” Elder Lynn G. Robbins identifies six ways in which having two eyes is better than one and how these benefits are metaphors for having the Book of Mormon in addition to the Bible. Understanding these points allows us to better appreciate the scriptures and to better see the world around us. Here are Elder Robbins’s first three points about eyes and the coming forth of the Book of Mormon:

  1. Field of Vision

Two eyes give great clarity and field of vision. The gospel requires two witnesses of faith and does so with the Bible and the Book of Mormon.

  1. Stereopsis

Stereopsis—a fancy word for depth perception—provides us with the ability to discern literal deception. The Book of Mormon gives each of us greater understanding of the meanings found in the Bible and greater ability to avoid spiritual deception.

  1. Ability to See around Obstructions

Because of depth perception, our eyes are able to view objects behind obstructions. Often, the right eye can see what the left cannot, and vice versa. Similarly, the Bible allows us to understand truths not found in the Book of Mormon, while the teachings in the Book of Mormon clarify principles found in the Bible.

Elder Robbins’s next three points—peripheral advantages of the eyes, elimination of the blind spot, and the eye-brain connection—are just as important in understanding the benefits of the Book of Mormon. By reading and understanding the Book of Mormon, each of us can avoid spiritual blindness and gain greater clarity.

To better understand the necessity of the Book of Mormon and to gain greater insight into Elder Lynn G. Robbins’s teachings, read “The Eyes of the Blind Shall See.


—Natalie Kokol, Mormon Insights


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