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We’re Thinking of Christ, but Are We Talking of Him?

In a world that’s speaking less of Christ, it’s our responsibility to speak more of him. How can we consciously talk more about Jesus Christ?

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On my walk home from a stressful day at school, I called my oldest sister to relieve some of my frustrations. As I rambled on about my woes, my sister said, “Wow, that’s hard. Aren’t you just so grateful we have the Savior to carry our load a little?” She didn’t expand on the thought but used that one simple question to bear her sweet testimony of the Savior. This small experience was an example to me of how we can speak more of Christ in our everyday lives.

In “We Talk of Christ,” Elder Neil L. Andersen encourages us to speak more of Christ. He says, “You and I speak of Jesus Christ, but maybe we can do a little better. If the world is going to speak less of Him, who is going to speak more of Him? We are! Along with other devoted Christians!” 

Elder Andersen describes three areas of life in which we can speak more of Christ: in our homes, in church, and in other places we interact with people. Speaking of Christ isn’t something that needs to be saved for a special occasion. Jesus Christ is the Savior of our everyday lives—our high points, our low points, and everything in between. We can speak of him during all those points. As we learn more of him, we can follow Elder Andersen’s admonition to “be more open, more willing to talk of Christ.”

To discover how you can increase your desire to talk more of Christ, read Elder Neil L. Andersen’s talk “We Talk of Christ.”


—Rebecca Brown, Latter-day Saint Insights


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