Your Royal Identity: Becoming Royalty and Superheroes

Every little kid dreams of one day becoming royalty or a superhero. Because of our royal identities as sons and daughters of God, we have the potential to become the royalty and superheroes we dreamed of becoming. 

When I was a little girl, I always dreamed of becoming a princess. I loved to wear pretty dresses and imagine being swept away by a handsome prince. But as I got older, that royal fantasy faded away.

Just as that dream faded for me, many of us have dreams fade as we grow up and life hits us harder. Professor Sarah M. Coyne addresses these childhood fantasies in the BYU devotional address “The Fantasy and the Reality of Your Royal Identity.” She says that as we mature, we sometimes put ourselves down and stop believing we can become royalty and superheroes. Instead, we should hold on to our dreams of becoming a princess, prince, or superhero because we have great potential. As we learn in the gospel of Jesus Christ, we are literal children of God! Through our divine nature as sons and daughters of heavenly royalty, we “have the potential to become limitless.”

We should hold on to those dreams of becoming royalty and superheroes instead of belittling ourselves. We have royalty within us. We have the infinite potential we always dreamed of. As Coyne says, “We have the potential to have greater power and reach than the most powerful superhero portrayed in the media today. Let us not waste this precious gift. Instead, let us let it shape our identity and be a comfort to us when we are going through our hardest moments.”

To learn more about your royal identity as a child of God, read or watch Sarah M. Coyne’s BYU devotional address, “The Fantasy and the Reality of Your Royal Identity.”

Source: BYU Speeches

—Kayla Orlando, Latter-day Saint Insights 


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