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What Armor Do I Put on Today?

With the enemy of righteousness surrounding us on every side, we need to ensure that we put on the armor of God every day.

In our battle against evil, . . . we have help from both sides of the veil. --Henry B. EyringSuppose you woke up one morning and knew that you had to fight in a medieval battle later that day. So, you shower, get dressed, brush your teeth, and then gaze at your armor and weapons that are sitting in your closet. Some tempting thoughts enter your mind: Nah, I’m kinda busy—and tired—and I don’t think the battle will be that tough anyway.

An unlikely scenario.

Now, suppose you woke up one morning and knew that you had to fight multiple spiritual battles later that day. So, you shower, get dressed, brush your teeth, and then gaze at your scriptures. Or the spot by your bed where you kneel and say your morning and evening prayers. Or the sticky note on your desk reminding you to find some ancestors’ names and attend the temple. Some tempting thoughts enter your mind.

All of a sudden, a more familiar scenario.

Because of the natural man in all of us, we frequently conjure up excuses for not putting in the effort to be prepared for our daily spiritual battles. But as President Henry B. Eyring discusses in his article “Armed with Righteousness,” such spiritual armoring is foundational to our success in mortality, especially in these chaotic latter days.

In order to don our armor, President Eyring encourages us to do various things, such as keeping the Sabbath day holy, honoring the priesthood, and exercising faith. As we consistently put forth this effort, we can ensure that we’re putting on the whole armor of God and preparing ourselves effectively for our daily spiritual battles. In the words of President Eyring, “May we always be armed with righteousness so that we can have confidence in the ultimate victory.”

Read the full text of President Henry B. Eyring’s article “Armed with Righteousness.”

Source: Ensign and Liahona

—Tyler Garrett, Mormon Insights

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