Women and Men Building the Kingdom of God—Together

Women and men both have key roles in building the kingdom of God. Equality is a basic doctrine of Christ that is essential to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

God created women and men equallyto live alongside each other and to help each other. All of Heavenly Father’s daughters and sons play critical roles in fulfilling the work of salvation. But worldly influences may have us thinking otherwise.

Photo by Christopher Burns.

Worldwide discussions of gender equality and gender roles have become more and more prevalent. While such conversations are welcomed, we cannot forget the equal and distinct roles women and men hold due to their respective divine natures.

Elder M. Russell Ballard addresses these roles in an August 2013 Brigham Young University devotional titled, “Let Us Think Straight.”

Elder Ballard suggests that we can’t let worldly debates distract us from our equal responsibilities as women and men “to defend, to protect, and to spread” the Lord’s Church across the earth. He invites us to consider these five points regarding the unique roles of men and women:

  1. God has a plan to help us achieve eternal life.
  2. The Church is governed through priesthood keys.
  3. Men and women are equally important.
  4. All are blessed by priesthood power.
  5. We need to know and bear testimony of the doctrine of Christ.

To build the kingdom of God, women and men must stand together. We must work together. We must courageously raise our voices together in unison. When we do this, the Church will grow and so will we

Read Elder M. Russell Ballard’s talk “Let Us Think Straight to learn more about the divine nature of men and women.

Source: BYU Speeches 


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