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The Miracle of Peace

When we face trials, Heavenly Father can help us. But the solution we want isn’t always the solution we need. 

"The solution we want isn't always the solution we need." plant in the rain.

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Sometimes our prayers are answered quickly and predictably. But for Brittany King, miracles haven’t always come so easily. In her Ensign article “Not the Miracle We Wanted,” Brittany reflects on the struggles she and her husband had with infertility. Both were eager to become parents but became discouraged when they were not granted that blessing. “For a long time we prayed desperately for a child, but the heavens seemed silent,” she recalls. 

The Kings’ trial reached a turning point when it occurred to them that they were praying for the wrong thing. Brittany and her husband refocused their prayers on gratitude: gratitude for each other, for their friends and families, for modern medicine, and even for their current struggle. It was far from easy for the couple to thank Heavenly Father for something that caused them so much pain, but they knew that he would not send them a trial without also sending blessings. Brittany continues, “We chose to be grateful—and when we did, the blessings became clear.”

Acknowledging their blessings had a profound impact on the Kings. “We were overcome with the purest, sweetest peace imaginable,” Brittany says. Although they still had no children of their own, the couple no longer despaired over their situation. Looking back on the experience, Brittany shares this insight: “Peace was the miracle we needed—not the miracle we’d been begging for, but the one we needed most.” 

Read “Not the Miracle We Wanted” to learn more about Brittany King’s experience with miracles.

Source: Ensign 

—Kayla Echols, Mormon Insights contributor 

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