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3 Steps to Find Peace in Trying Times

Although we can’t control our life’s circumstances, we can find peace throughout any trial by relying on Christ.

Peace is something the majority of people search for in life. We have likely felt peace at some point, but we have probably also felt its absence. The social and civil unrest in the world, along with personal trials—such as facing major life decisions—can sometimes make us feel unsettled. In the talk “A Pattern for Peace,” Bishop W. Christopher Waddell helps us understand that God promises us peace—under the condition that we have faith in Jesus Christ and his atoning sacrifice. 

"Peace of mind, peace of conscience, and peace of heart are not determined by our ability to avoid trials, sorrow, or heartache." —W. Christopher Waddell

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Bishop Waddell explains that “peace of mind, peace of conscience, and peace of heart are not determined by our ability to avoid trials, sorrow, or heartache.” In other words, we cannot control life’s trials. However, we can control our relationship with Christ, which will ultimately give us peace during any trial we may face. 

Bishop Waddell offers three steps that we can follow to build a relationship with Christ and ultimately find peace through him.

First, we can learn of Christ by going to the temple. 

Second, we can listen to Christ’s words. Bishop Waddell says, “Those who choose to listen and give heed to the words of the Lord, as delivered through His prophets, will find safety and peace.” 

Third, we can walk with Christ. To walk with Christ, we must apply his Atonement in our lives through repentance.

Bishop Waddell assures us that we can feel peace as long as we are willing to act on these three steps. He says, “Jesus Christ is ‘the way, the truth, and the life’ and that only through Him can we obtain true peace in this life and eternal life in the world to come.”

Read Bishop W. Christopher Waddell’s full talk, “A Pattern for Peace,” to learn more about these three steps and how you can find peace in Christ.

Source: General Conference

—Kenzie Holbrook, Latter-day Saint Insights


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