4 Ways to Increase Your Spiritual Capacity for Revelation

How can we improve our ability to receive personal revelation? Here are four ways to increase your spiritual capacity.

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In April of 2018, President Russell M. Nelson challenged us to “increase [our] spiritual capacity.” But how can we become the kinds of spiritual giants that we see in the leaders of the Church? In her talk “Spiritual Capacity,” Sister Michelle Craig tells us that the key to that spiritual growth lies in developing our ability to seek and receive personal revelation. In her talk, she provides four ways to work toward this goal:

  1. Be Intentional about Creating Time and Space to Hear God’s Voice

Sister Craig urges us to “carve out time every day” to listen to God by finding quiet, still time and reading the Book of Mormon.

  1. Act without Delay

When we obey a prompting or act on personal revelation immediately, we show the Lord that we want to hear his voice. As Sister Craig observes, “The more [we] act, the more familiar the voice of the Spirit becomes.”

  1. Get Your Errand from the Lord

One of our most important purposes in this life is to invite others to come unto Christ, and the Lord will always answer us when we ask to help him in his work. Sister Craig states, “The Lord sends revelation to those seeking to help others.”

  1. Believe and Trust

Spiritual promptings and revelation do not always come in the ways we expect, even if we’re familiar with how the Spirit usually communicates with us. As we open our hearts by trusting that the Lord will “prepare a way” according to our needs (see 1 Nephi 3:7), we will recognize his voice more and more clearly. 

If we intentionally serve the Lord without hesitation, trusting in his enabling power and love, we truly can increase our capacity to recognize spiritual revelation wherever and however it may come. 

Read or watch Sister Michelle Craig’s full talk “Spiritual Capacity” to learn more about how you can increase your spiritual capacity to receive personal revelation. 

Source: General Conference 

—Brittany Passmore, Latter-day Saint Insights 


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