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Be Forever Changed

Knowledge of Christ’s Resurrection can change our perspective and increase our faith.

This past year with COVID-19 has brought a tremendous amount of heartache and pain to people all around the world. At a time when deaths are diminished to a number on a webpage, we might find ourselves questioning our faith and wrestling with doubt. 

“I promise that if you desire to believe, then act in faith and follow the whisperings of the Spirit, you will find joy in this life and in the world to come.” –S. Mark Palmer

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In his April 2021 general conference address, “Our Sorrow Shall Be Turned into Joy,” Elder S. Mark Palmer shared a conversation he had a few years ago with the prophet President Russell M. Nelson. Elder Palmer had recently returned from a trip to New Zealand where he had been visiting his aging mother. After hearing about her condition, the prophet responded, “Please give her my love…and tell her I look forward to seeing her again.” Surprised, Elder Palmer asked if the prophet would soon be traveling to New Zealand. The prophet’s response was as genuine and faith filled as one could be: “Oh no, I will see her in the next life.” President Nelson’s faith in and knowledge of Christ’s Resurrection had given him a hopeful perspective.

Adopting such a perspective can bring joy to times of pain and can brighten even our darkest hours. Elder Palmer spoke of the ancient Apostles who were “forever changed after [Christ] appeared to them following His death.” We, too, can experience this change! While we may not be witnesses of resurrection, our faith in and understanding of the plan of salvation can shift our perspectives. It’s hard to lose loved ones, and it’s hard to live through a time where seemingly everyone is losing loved ones. But, rather than allowing fear to take over during these troubling days, we can find comfort as we turn to the Savior and trust in the power and truth of resurrection. 

As we increase our faith in the reality of Christ’s Resurrection, we can be forever changed and face the heartache of this life with the same hope and conviction as President Nelson.

Read more about developing faith-filled perspectives in S. Mark Palmer’s full message, “Our Sorrows Shall Be Turned into Joy.”

Source: General Conference

—Sky Gallagher, Latter-day Saint Insights 


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