Children and Youth Program—Not Just for Kids

Don’t let the name “Children and Youth” keep you from participating in this visionary, goal-setting program.

Photo by Pamela Nelson

A young mother asked if I was feeling overwhelmed with all the changes to the Church’s children and youth program. To be perfectly honest, I felt like I was off the hook because there are no young people living in my home. Then I decided that was no excuse. I sat down and read the introductory guide for parents and leaders and was amazed at how the new program can apply to each of us, not just to the youth. This is what I learned.

The vision of the new program is “to strengthen your faith in Jesus Christ and help you and your family along the covenant path as you meet life’s challenges.”

The program’s three main goals are still the fundamental goals for all Church members:
1. Grow in a balanced way
2. Make Jesus the center of your life
3. Have the Holy Ghost be your comforter and guide

To achieve the first goal of growing in a balanced way, we have been invited to set personal goals in four areas: spiritual, social, physical, and intellectual.

Someday, there might be children and youth in our homes. Someday, we might be asked to serve children and youth in the Church. Can you think of a better way to serve these young people than being an example of a visionary, goal-setting parent or leader? Rather than living the adage “Do as I say, not as I do,” we can be examples of the believers and lead these young people down the covenant path.

Overall, rather than feeling overwhelmed by the new program, I took heart from its simple advice, “Keep it simple. Do what works.”

Read more on how to implement this new program in the booklet titled “Children and Youth of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints: An Introductory Guide for Parents and Leaders.”


—Pamela Nelson, Latter-day Saint Insights


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