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Creativity: A Link to Father in Heaven

Not everyone is a master in the arts, but everyone is born with a spirit bursting with creativity. Unlocking this gift can help us establish a closer connection to our Heavenly Father.

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Some people don’t think they are very creative because they can’t play a musical instrument or have never taken art classes. But they are wrong. In a BYU devotional address, Claudine Bigelow explains that creativity is more than just an aptitude for music or an artistic ability—it is a divine attribute that Heavenly Father has given to all his children. He blesses us with this gift not only to find ourselves, but also to better come to know him.

Although creativity is usually associated with the arts, it is actually a tool that everyone uses when creating anything: writing an article for school, baking a batch of cookies for a neighbor, even doing the dishes, as it creates a cleaner kitchen. Creativity can also be fostered when participating in unfamiliar activities. Exploring new places or ideas can help us develop new passions.

The Lord created us in his image. Our hands are like the ones he used to make the universe and worlds without end. Imagine what you can do with your own two hands. As we strive to create in our own lives, we establish a link to who our Father in Heaven is. He is the creator of all, the heavenly being who made all his children and blessed them with unique gifts and talents. It takes work to discover your creative gifts and learn how to use them, but as you do so, you can find joy in the creations of your hands and in the closer connection with Heavenly Father.

Read the full devotional, “Creativity,” by Claudine Bigelow to learn more about how creativity can bring you closer to God.

Source: BYU Speeches 

 —BrookeAnn Henriksen, Mormon Insights

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  1. Incredible! Such a great message! We are all creative in our own ways, and being made in God’s image, how could we not be? Thank you for sharing!

  2. I like that the article addresses the stigma that creativity is artistic because creativity is not limited to the arts–we use creativity in many facets of our lives. And it’s always a good reminder to know that we were created to create!

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